30W-100W LED Area Light

30W-100W LED Area Light

OpWay takes advantage of Modular design and air convection to design heat dissipation. Position the Power Drive externally. Ensure that the drive quickly dissipates heat, thereby extending the life of the lamp. OpWay is a very mature and stable outdoor lighting lamps, widely used in the courtyard, balcony, corner, outdoor steps, walls and other lighting areas

Smart Dimming Light

Minimum 50% Power Saving

30w and 100w metal halide lamps can be replaced with 50w and 100w opway LED area lights for instant energy savings of 50%.

5 Year Warranty

Efficient heat dissipation design with high-quality Lumileds chips and first-line brand power supplies, this is the guarantee that our products provide a 5 year warranty.

Light weight Design

The OpWay series of LED area light is made of die-cast aluminum, making it the lightest LED area light in the world.

One-for-One Replacement

OpWay Lights are designed as direct replacement for metal halides.  With less power usage and a lighter body, no electrical or pole upgrades are required.


For maximum coverage, control & uniformity of light output from each lamp.Type II/III/Type IV/Type V Optional.

90% Less Maintenance

LED require no maintenance for 50,000 hours.  Metal halides require globe replacement every 12 – 18 months.

Your needs and requirements, we provide you with professional consultation. Whether you are a renovation project or a brand new project, we will develop a detailed budget and lighting design plan for you.