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9 years experience on LED High Power Lighting. We concentrate on the Specialty, Speed, Efficiency, Cost & Quality. LUXSUN is technology company which is specialized in researching, developing, producing and selling the series of LED flood lights. We also providing professional lighting solutions and other integrated services. LUXSUN insists on the philosophy “quality first” to work with its customers, our clients covers Europe, America, Asia, Australia, South Africa and other countries, has occupied a leading position in the stadium lighting market and won the trust of clients.


Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

Luxsun Lighting. (hereinafter referred to as “LUXSUN”) provides after-sales service for products sold in mainland China. LUXSUN provides a three-year warranty service for the product body (excluding accessories and wires) according to the service content, and a one-year warranty service for LUXSUN products. For products with extended warranty service, the extended warranty service will be provided according to the extended warranty period purchased.

• If the product is damaged due to accident or improper use or unauthorized maintenance, etc., which is not used in accordance with the manual, it will not be covered by the LUXSUN warranty, and LUXSUN is required to charge product maintenance service fees.

Calculation and basis of the warranty period

Warranty certificate: Calculate the warranty period of the product based on the serial number of the product (calculated from the date of LUXSUN shipment).

• Warranty period: Calculated from the day the product was purchased. If the last day of the warranty period is a statutory holiday, the next day will be the last day of the warranty period. For products purchased with extended warranty service, extended warranty service will be provided according to the extended warranty period.

Limited Warranty Service

LUXSUN has due maintenance obligations for the repaired products returned by customers. If the product is still defective during the warranty period and used in accordance with the user manual, the company provides free repairs, but the shipping costs need to be one person one trip; if the repaired product returned has exceeded the warranty period, or there is a situation where the warranty terms are not applicable (please refer to “Non-warranty range”), the maintenance service fee and shipping fee shall be borne by the customer.

Non-warranty coverage

  • If any product damage or defect is not attributable to LUXSUN, it will not be covered by the warranty. The following situations are not covered by the warranty:
  • Failure or damage caused by natural disasters, earthquakes, lightning strikes, abnormal voltages, and environmental factors.
  • Reposting, forging or altering the product serial number, or the barcode serial number is damaged and the warranty period cannot be identified.
  • Disassemble, modify or replace non-original parts by yourself or by a manufacturer who is not authorized by the original manufacturer to repair.
  • Failure to operate in accordance with the manual or damage caused by improper use of the product, such as the product being immersed in water, corroded, dropped, squeezed or exposed to abnormal temperature and humidity.
  • Consumables inside and outside the product itself: consumables such as transmission lines…etc.
  • Accessories other than the product body: such as paper boxes, manuals… and other attached accessories.

Maintenance timeliness

LUXSUN maintains maintenance quality and a safe inventory of spare parts, and schedules three working days to complete the repair service, but does not include transportation time and batch repairs, but batch repairs will inform customers of the scheduled completion time based on product problems and spare parts inventory.

Precautions for paid maintenance after the warranty period has expired

  • Product maintenance costs include spare parts costs, maintenance service fees, and freight. After the warranty period has expired, the maintenance costs and freight will be borne by the customer.
  • The repair center will contact the customer before opening a repair work order to inform the possible repair costs and determine whether the customer agrees to pay for repairs.
  • If the service center determines that the repaired product needs to be repaired at a fee, but the customer abandons the repair, the service center will send the repaired product back to the customer.
  • Product accessories and wires are not covered by the warranty. If the customer needs them, they need to pay for the purchase from the company.

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