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Frequently Asked Questions

The Kelvin rating or colour temperature ranges from yellow (4000k) to white/blue (6700K).  Legacy uses 5000K as providing glare free light with high CRI without the traditional yellow look of some traditional fittings.

Lumens is the volume of light being emitted from the lamp whereas lux is an objective measurement of light at a specific point.  Lumens doesn’t give any indication on how well the light is being controlled and is therefore not a very relevant measurement for a specialised application like sport.

Just fill in the details on the cost calculator and this will give a very close estimate to the delivered cost.

LED’s require little or no maintenance compared to MH fittings will typically operate for a minimum of 50000 hours.

The units are covered by a 5 year warranty.  This includes the LED’s and the driver.

We believe good lighting should be available to everyone at a fair price.  Delivery is therefore free, irrespective of the size of the order or where you are located.  This does not include any local in-bound taxes or customs duties that may apply.

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