50W-280W LED Flood Light

50W-280W LED Flood Light

OPSKY, another masterpiece under the family design language, is a cost-effective outdoor lighting from 50W to 280W. OPSKY still uses the iconic family design language, and boldly adopts the back line shape.
The smooth concave and slightly upward lines on both sides of the waistline make OPSKY more sporty.
The industry’s first hollow design power supply will generate a lot of heat during work, and the heat will continue to be transferred upwards. The hollow design is to isolate the heat source and make the junction temperature of the LED light source lower.
It is widely used in factories, billboards, highways, railways, tunnels, bridges, culverts, squares, stadiums, buildings and other scenes.


Excellent cooling performance


Power Supply


Easy installation

DALI&Zigbee Smart Dimming Light

Minimum 50% Power Saving

100w & 600w metal halides can be swapped for 50w & 280w opsky led floodlight, That’s 50% power saving instantly.

5 Year Warranty

Efficient heat dissipation design with high-quality Lumileds chips and first-line brand power supplies, this is the guarantee that our products provide a 5 year warranty.

Light weight Design

The OpSky series of LED Floodight is made of die-cast aluminum, making it the lightest LED flood light in the world.

One-for-One Replacement

OpSky Lights are designed as direct replacement for metal halides.  With less power usage and a lighter body, no electrical or pole upgrades are required.


For maximum coverage, control & uniformity of light output from each lamp. 30° 45° 60° 90° 40°x130° 60°x130° Optional.

90% Less Maintenance

LED require no maintenance for 50,000 hours.  Metal halides require globe replacement every 12 – 18 months.

App Control

Compatible with mainstream control systems on the market, You gain remote control of lighting levels or power usage reporting, helping you optimise the use of your lights.

Please tell us your needs, our lighting designers will design more professional lighting solutions for you.