OpSport DMX&DALI 2.0 Series 1200W – 1800W
LED sport lighting

OpSport DMX&DALI Dimmable Sports Field Light

OpSport DMX Dimmable Sports Field Light whether in large stadiums or amateur sports stadiums. Both provide an economical and effective way to bring professional-level lighting shows to your venue, which will inspire the enthusiasm of players and audiences and create a more memorable live atmosphere.


Adjust the angle dial


4mm thick 316 stainless steel bracket


Dedicated DMX&DALI driver

DMX Dimmable Sports Field Light

DMX&DALI Control

The integrated dedicated program driver integrates DMX and DALI functions, allowing users to apply flexibly.


OpSport DMX driver and LED module integrate a temperature sensor chip, which can remotely return current lamp voltage, current, and temperature information, and customize protection rules.


For maximum coverage, control & uniformity of light output from each lamp. 12° 16° 60° 60×130° 40°x130° 25°x130° Optional.

Minimum 50% Power Saving

1200w & 4000w metal halides can be swapped for 600w & 1800w OpSport Stadium Light, That’s 50% power saving instantly.

5 Year Warranty

Efficient heat dissipation design with high-quality Lumileds chips and first-line brand power supplies, this is the guarantee that our products provide a 5 year warranty.

Drive separation design

For better maintenance in the later period, we designed the power pack installed in the light pole and the ground electric box.

Horizontal Mount Anti Glare Design

We specially designed a secondary bracket adjustment device for OpSport, combined with a 25*130° optical solution, can achieve horizontal 0° installation, thereby reducing glare.

90% Less Maintenance

LED require no maintenance for 50,000 hours.  Metal halides require globe replacement every 12 – 18 months.

Internet remote control, remote real-time change of different lighting scenes

DMX stadium lights provide dimmable solutions for stadium lighting. Combine optical digital media with interactive technology. The passionate lighting effects make the atmosphere of the live game more intense.