Meeting Australian Standards: AS2560.2.4

When lighting outdoor basketball & netball courts, it is important to meet the Australian Standards not only for the minimum average lux required, but also uniformity, glare and spill lighting.

High quality LED lighting can make a significance difference to the overall playing experience and visual comfort. Both basketball and netball are fast moving games with multiple players in a small area, and player safety must be taking into account when designing a lighting plan.

The Australian Standards for basketball and netball lighting are AS2560.2.4 which identifies two main levels of lighting based on the level of play, as shown in the table below:

Club Competition2000.6665

If you expect to progress from one level to the next in the foreseeable future, ensure that the poles and lighting set-up is designed to accommodate extra lighting, so a complete overhaul is not necessary when you decide to upgrade.

Lighting poles for netball & basketball courts should never be less than 8m high, with the recommended height being 12-15m for optimum uniformity.

Important Points to Check When Upgrading Basketball & Netball Court Lighting:

  • Are your existing poles up to handling the weight? If not, choose your lights with care to make sure they are the same or similar to the lamps being replaced

  • If replacing the poles, ensure the installation is in accordance with council requirements and look into the warranties.

  • Have you checked existing lux levels and cross referenced the new plan to see what advantage there will be?

  • Has the lighting supplier proved that the uniformity and lighting levels will comply with the standards?

  • Have you achieved a power-usage advantage or would staying with your old MH fittings be more economical?

Lighting Templates

The templates below allow you to get an idea of the number of lights required to comply with the standards in each category. This is a guide only and should you need a more detailed quote or assessment please fill in the Soccer Field Lighting Template pdf and email the completed form to [email protected].

100 Lux:

2 x 12 Metre Poles + 4 x 

OpSport 320W

100 Lux:

4 x 12 Metre Poles + 4 x 

OpSport 320W

200 Lux:

2 x 15 Metre Poles + 4 x 

OpSport 640W

200 Lux:

4 x 15 Metre Poles + 4 x 

OpSport 640W