OpSun 250W LED Flood Light

OpSun 250W LED Flood Light

OpSun series available by 100W to 600W, ideal to retrofit the 300W to 2000W traditional lamps. The compact modular design gets a quick assembly and flexible installation. Easy to adjust the light angle and create the diversity of lighting environment.

OpSun is the most valuable and reliable high power floodlight in the market. Widely applicable to the sports field, plazas, docking space, etc. Modular design from 100W to 600W. Efficiency up to 170lm/W, more energy saving. Provided with 10kV build-in surge protection devices. Multiple optics lens optional 30°/ 60°/ 90°/ 60×130°/ 70×140°/ 85×135° and asymmetric. This convenient and humanized design enables it to fit.

We offer lighting for soccer, football, baseball, hockey, basketball, tennis, lacrosse and more areas. Although each sport may have its own specific issues when it comes to proper lighting, there are several consistent variables in designing sports lighting.

Our OPSUN outdoor sports lighting products limit environmental impact by reducing glare, light spillage, and sky glow.

Products UsedOpSun 250W LED Flood Light
Flux level310lux
Smart SystemDMX512
meterPowerBeam AngleCCTCRI
Installation height Lights Quantity
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