OpSport 960W LED Sports Light

OpSport 960W LED Sports Light

OpSport is a professional high power led-stadium-lights, which has a cooling and human-centric structure, Three LED modules but the integrated pure aluminum heat sink, power up to 1650W.

All the light is thrown to a very specific direction for desired lighting area only, people won’t see the light source when standing on the ground, which makes OpSport is a high-quality lighting solution to make the public environment be friendly and comfortable, suitable for use in sports field, airports, outdoor logistic center, ports, etc.1650W 1:1 replace the 3000W HID.

to give your athletes and spectators the best experience possible, the right light source is critical for the right light experience. OpSport is the right choice for all your outdoor sporting events. Your athletes and fans will appreciate the extra comfort that comes from better lighting, and your communities will appreciate a striking reduction in light pollution.

Products Used960W LED Sports Light
ApplicationNew Zealand
Flux level350lux
Smart SystemDMX512
ParameterPowerBeam AngleCCTCRI
Installation height Lights Quantity
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